Monday, February 27, 2012

Working With Metasploit Auxiliary

Metasploit is a powerfull framework to do an exploitation. There are a lot of thing we can do with it. Exploits, Payloads, Encoders, and Auxiliaries are ready to be used to do an exploitation. In this post I'll explain a little about metasploit auxiliary and how to use it. 

Auxiliary is a set of tools developed to perform reconnaissance like scanning, sniffing, fingerprinting and the other security tasks. With this auxiliary, we can use metasploit to do the earlier hacking framework without other tools, just metasploit and its auxiliary and the other modules, this will make our security tasks far more easier.

So, here's an example the use of an auxiliary..

- Start up your msfconsole
# msfconsole

- To show all auxiliaries you can type 'show auxiliary' in msfconsole
msf > show auxliary

- In this post I'll use the famous search engine for pentester that is Shodan. It is located at auxliary/gather/shodan_search.
msf > use auxiliary/gather/shodan_search

- Next, use show options command to see what parameters needed by the auxiliary to run.
msf  auxiliary(shodan_search) > show options

- Ok, lets search for servers that use Apache. Set apache in the querry.
msf  auxiliary(shodan_search) > set QUERY apache
QUERY => apache

- Next we must set the API Keys, API Keys is unique for each account, you can get your Shodan API Keys here. Don't forget to sign up first.
msf  auxiliary(shodan_search) > set SHODAN_APIKEY FqFcw690p7UdhJe2o7cavvWZFvyA88hl
SHODAN_APIKEY => FqFcw690p7UdhJe2o7cavvWZFvyA88hl

- Next, just type 'run' to execute it.
msf  auxiliary(shodan_search) > run

There you are, a list of ip address that use apache for its webserver. 

Thats it, an example to use metasploit auxiliary. You can explore and try it one by one if you want..  ^_^b

"the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.."


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Anonymous said...

How do i import the ip;s to thje database with (shodan_search) ? help plz

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Thanks brother!

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