Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meterpreter ~ Basic Usage

Here's some basic meterpreter commands you can practice..  :)

- help
Display all commands that can be executed by meterpreter.

- background
Return to the msf shell and send the current meterpreter session into background. To interact with it again, just type 'sessions -i [id]'

- ps
Display all process running on the remote system.

- migrate
Move to the other process on the victim's system. Usually after the meterpreter console opened, we must quickly migrate our process to explorer.exe since it is the main process that likely won't be closed by the victim. (only for windows)

- ls
Display list of all files of the current directory on the victim's machine.

- download/upload
Download command to download file from the victim's machine, upload command to upload file to the victim's machine. In many case the data downloaded usually an important/confidential data while the uploaded data usually a malicious software or a virus.

- ipconfig
Display all network interfaces and addresses on the victim's machine

- getuid
Display the user where meterpreter is running.

- sysinfo
Display system information on the victim's machine.

- execute
Execute a command on the victims machine. Specify a file with '-f' parameter.

- shell
Bring the cmd shell.

I think thats enough for a starter. You can try all commands as displayed by the 'help' command yourself..  ^_^v

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Hollister Clearance said...

Amazing presentation again Vivek -- keep it up..looking forward to seeing the rest of them !

dragon-master said...

thanks for coming.. :)

will update the rest of meterpreter command when I have some spare time.. :D

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