Saturday, February 4, 2012

Installing WarFTP for Reverse Engineering

The target for my first reverse engineering is a software called WarFTP given by my sensei. In the other post we've setup the debugger program, now lets install the software on the machine. (If you want to use WarFTP like this post you can download here)

1. Again, I'll transfer the WarFTP master to my machine using web server.

2. Download the master

3. Double click the master and then click "Run"

4. It will extract the files contained.

5. Now at the extracted files, double click "Setup"

6. Choose the installation directory. If you want to install it in default category C:\Program Files\War-ftpd just click Next.

7. The Setup will ask you about the Installation type. Lets choose typical for this one.

8. Program Folder, just click next.

9. Ok, the setup is ready to finish the installation. Click "Finish"

10. Pretty quick installation. Now we can run the program.

11. Lets start it, Start > All Programs > War FTP Daemon

Finished. Now, the software is ready to be exploited.  :)

"the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.."


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