Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Install Backtrack 5 R1 (Text Mode)

For you who want to install Backtrack 5 R1 via text mode..

Here's what you must do :

# wget
# sh

Answer all question from the script about which hardisk partition that will be used to install bactrack.
After that when there's a yes/no question, answer all with yes then wait until the installing process finished.

Then we must install the grub.
Exit from the chroot, (done by pressing CTRL+D), then type this command

# grub-setup -d /tmp/bt/boot/grup /dev/sda

"sda" here means first partition of the harddisk (master boot record)

After that, reboot your system then update the grub, to install grub menu and dual OS.

# update-grub

There you go..
Your backtrack ready to rock.