Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Upgrading to BackTrack 5 R2

A while ago, the best linux pentesting distribution, "BackTrack" had released its update that is BackTrack 5 R2.

With a new 3.2.6 kernel, a huge list of new and updated tools and security fixes, BackTrack 5 R2 will provide a more stable and complete penetration testing environment than ever before. For you who doesn't want to reinstall your backtrack to get the R2. You can perform these steps to upgrade your Backtrack 5 R1 to R2. 

1. Update and Upgrade
# apt-get update
# apt-get dist-upgrade
you may want to install Beef too..
# apt-get install beef
then reboot
# reboot
Once that's all done, you should already have the new kernel installed as well as any last updates for the official R2 release. Verify the new kernel with uname command.
# uname -a

2. Fix the splash screen (optional)
# fix-splash
# reboot

4. Additional weapons
# apt-get install pipal findmyhash metasploit joomscan hashcat-gui golismero easy-creds pyrit sqlsus vega libhijack tlssled hash-identifier wol-e dirb reaver wce sslyze magictree nipper-ng rec-studio hotpatch xspy arduino rebind horst watobo patator thc-ssl-dos redfang findmyhash killerbee goofile bt-audit bluelog extundelete se-toolkit casefile sucrack dpscan dnschef

5. Add new security updates repository
# echo "deb revolution main microverse non-free testing" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
# apt-get update
# apt-get dist-upgrade

During the last upgrade you'll be asked about file revision updates. Make sure to always keep the locally installed file. Feel free to press "Enter" and accept all the defaults.

6. Next disable some of the startup services
# service apache2 stop
# service cups stop
# service winbind stop

# update-rc.d -f cups remove
# update-rc.d -f apache2 remove
# update-rc.d -f winbind remove

Done!! BackTrack 5 R2 is online on your system..  >:D

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